23. We’ll Never Be the Same


Dear folks:

Our house was so lonesome last night that at eight, Mother could stand it no longer and went out to visit an aunt of mine. I quit at nine-thirty and rolled off to bed two hours ahead of schedule.

That’s what your daughter has done for us. We’ll never be the same, I guess.

Mother took her down town yesterday afternoon and delivered her to Dewey at his office about five. En route, they picked out a pair of shoes for Mary which Mother had a hard time getting her to accept. They happened to be my treat, and she was finally talked into taking them. Mother says she looked her very best when they arrived at Dewey’s office – which will probably reassure Linnett. Mothers are that way.

I don’t know for the life of me what we’ll do tonight. I expect that we’ll get along somehow, but we’ve been having such a whale of a good time with Mary, it’s just like going around without an arm or so to have her gone.

However, Mother will meet her Friday at Dewey’s office, and we’ll have her over the weekend. If it isn’t too hot, we are going to the Swift plant in the stockyards on Saturday and watch them put the cattle through. If it’s too warm, we’ll defer it until Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve got to dig in now… only two more days and I’ll be out on my vacation.

Love to your gang –


P.S. Mary mailed at least a dozen cards to her friends yesterday, so your orders have been followed. Don’t look for a letter from her till next week. She probably won’t get a chance to write till Friday.


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