9. How Are You Getting Along?

June 12, 1934

Dear Mamma, Dad, Jr., Bud, Larry, and Roger.

How are you all? I am just fine. Do you feel any better yet? I hope so…

Mrs. Shears wants me to go to Marshall Fields (I guess that’s the way you spell it) to write letters this morning.

Roger – Hello Roger how are you?

BUD – No Bud I got to Chicago all left. I am glad dads mumps are getting better. Yes I am having a good time. I asked Glen if he had a date to the little people yet. He laughed a little and said “So Bud thinks that I had a date with one of the little eh, well I’ll have to write that guy.” It’s too bad about Larry’s toe, isn’t it. I am glad that you are going to send me the funny papers. I think there is a few here for you.

With love Mary

LARRY – Did you write that letter or did Bud? I kinda think Bud did, didn’t he? How is your toe now?

Jr. – Happy Birthday

DAD – How’s your mumps and pinkeye getting along?

Mamma – How are you getting along without me? Chicago is plenty big.

With much love


Yes, I had a very nice ride on the train.


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