2. She’s the Same Mary

Saturday noon, 6/9/34

Dear Linnet,

Mother and Mary are both asleep on my bed a few feet away on the sleeping porch, and Dad’s snoozing in the next room.

She arrived in fine style. Quiet and pretty bashful, but she’s perfectly at home.

The day is warm, but not hot. If it cools off a bit, we’re all going to the Fair along about five or six and spend the evening.

She’s the same Mary. Taller and more ladylike as befits a maiden of twelve, but she’s a great girl. She slept well and evidently enjoyed her long trip. If she writes you when she awakes, you’ll get all the news.

Thanks so much for the chicken! Dad and I have our mouths watering. What we won’t do to it tomorrow!

We’re going going to take our sightseeing slowly, but we’re sure to do it right.

Mother encloses a clipping that, from nose up might well be Mary.

We’ll keep you posted!


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